Down to You Podcast

STAY tuned for our brand reveal later this summer!

The Down to You podcast is the latest project from the Fraser Basin Council Youth Program. The podcast will travel across British Columbia to collect and share stories of how youth are coming up with creative ways to reduce their climate footprint, personally and in their communities. Join us to discover replicable ways to support our journey towards net zero,  as told by the people making it happen… whether they’re 13 or 35. From solutions in food systems to education, science to water protection, we share inspiring ideas from your backyard.

We’re interviewing youth in YOUR community between May and September 2023. 

We are Looking For:

  • Youth ages 13-35 to speak to us about what they’re doing to reduce emissions in their life and their community.
  • Subject matter experts who can speak to relevant policies or the science behind net zero.

Submit your stories and nominations now.

About FBC Youth Program

Youth engagement is a key component of the Fraser Basin Council and its youth program. The FBC Youth Program focuses on creating opportunities to build capacity for youth, supporting them to engage in a range of sustainability initiatives, gain a variety of skills, and secure opportunities to take on leadership roles in their communities.

The Down 2 You podcast is the latest project from the FBC Youth Program. Visit to learn more about our projects. 

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