Hope Through Action

Discover DOWN TO YOU podcast, a jargon-free, high-energy podcast that uncovers net zero solutions in communities across British Columbia, brought to you by the Fraser Basin Council’s Youth Program. Get immersed in stories of bold youths who are reducing their climate footprint and offering inspiring solutions for net-zero future. Together, we are empowering Canadians to take action towards a more sustainable future. We can all support and contribute to broader goals and policies that will set Canada towards its path to achieving net-zero.

Nominate YOUTH With a Story

The podcast will travel across British Columbia to collect and share stories of how youth are coming up with creative ways to reduce their climate footprint… whether they’re 13 or 35. From solutions in food systems to education, science to water protection, we share inspiring ideas from your backyard.

We’re interviewing youth in YOUR community between May and September 2023.

  • Youth ages 13-35 to speak to us about what they’re doing to reduce emissions in their life and their community.
  • Subject matter experts who can speak to relevant policies or the science behind net zero.

Inspiring Climate Action

We all want a liveable future—one where our communities, climate and ecosystems are healthy. But it’s hard to know how to contribute to this future or how our own individual actions can really make a difference.

Down to You podcast shares inspiring youth stories and replicable ideas of how individuals can reduce emissions—personally and in their communities. We’re traveling across B.C. to reveal narratives that underscore the transformative qualities of positive personal actions.

Discover the ways that young people and their families work towards climate solutions whether in a mountain village, coastal town or urban center with Brock Endean. This is a jargon-free, dynamic deep dive into ideas that are changing the world one step at a time, whether through waste and food systems, economic development, transportation, water protection and more.

Have your own inspiration and ideas? We want to hear from you about what you’re doing to support net zero solutions in your community or who’s inspiring your own actions.

About Us

Down to You podcast is the latest project of the Fraser Basin Council’s Youth Program. We believe in the power of transforming communities through positive actions. Our work revolves around supporting youth engagement in sustainability initiatives and building their capacity to take on leadership roles in their communities. We engage youth in communities across the province and we want to give our gratitude to the many Indigenous Nations of British Columbia for welcoming us on their unceded ancestral territories where we live and work.

We are thrilled  to bring you net-zero stories by youth from across BC as part of the Down to You podcast, hosted by Brock Endean.


Meet the hosts

Brock Endean

An Octopus. I aspire to match their abilities in problem-solving, adaptation to different environments, and their dexterity (come on, haven’t we all had a moment where we wished we had eight arms!).  I also find it fascinating that they have such short life spans (from a human perspective) and think being an octopus could provide a perspective of experiencing life at a different pace and with heightened awareness of the passage of time. Also, I love scuba diving and being underwater. If I was an octopus, it would have a greater opportunity to explore and experience the vastness and mysteries in the oceans without the same time and oxygen constraints I currently have.

Curious, Imaginative, Intentional

My philosophy through facilitating stories centres on narratives that celebrate diversity, empower individuals, and offer a profound exploration of the human experience.

As early as I can remember, I have been fascinated with the art of storytelling through the medium of acting and live theatre. I loved taking supporting roles as they allowed me to delve into the depths of different perspectives, appreciating the complexity of human emotions, and experimenting with how each role connects with the overall intention of the story. Being onstage, or supporting productions from behind the curtain, the thrill of experiencing the immediate feedback from the audience demonstrated the impact storytelling can have. Working with teams to deliver these experiences exposed me to the collaborative nature of storytelling, and I learned the importance of each person's contribution to the overall narrative.

Through the stories I help facilitate, it is my hope that audiences are left with a lasting impression in their heads and their hearts and feel that they belong and are empowered to question their beliefs, values, and choices to deepen their self-awareness and authenticity.

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