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Discover DOWN TO YOU podcast, a jargon-free, high-energy podcast that uncovers net zero solutions in communities across British Columbia, brought to you by the Fraser Basin Council’s Youth Program. Get immersed in stories of bold youths who are reducing their climate footprint and offering inspiring solutions for net-zero future. Together, we are empowering Canadians to take action towards a more sustainable future. We can all support and contribute to broader goals and policies that will set Canada towards its path to achieving net-zero.

Introducing Down to You

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Persist to Find Your Power

Getting started on your community energy project

In this episode of Down to You, we catch up with amazing young individuals from remote communities in BC to learn about their journeys of implementing sustainable energy solutions in their communities. Some of our guests embarked on their journeys with little or no prior experience in sustainable energy but they were driven by their dedication to climate action and their commitment to protecting the cultural and natural heritage of their surroundings. Reimagining the way we produce and distribute power could be one of the most radical actions our society can take to combat climate change. Through the eyes of Elijah Mecham in Bella Coola, as well as Mackenzie and Tristan Walker, and Gavin Anderson in Terrace, we experience the transformative steps they’ve undertaken and the invaluable support they’ve received on their path towards helping their communities transition to more sustainable energy solutions.

Episode Guests

Elijah Mecham is a Clean Energy Coordinator at Nuxalk Nation in Bella Coola, BC. His role involves supporting his Nation to strategize and fund plans to help the community transition off diesel generators by 2030. Elijah is involved with the Indigenous Clean Energy (ICE) Network where he finds peer support for this important work he’s doing for his Nation. He has been involved with several different clean energy projects —including run of the river hydro generation, and solar installations, that have given him many opportunities to be at the forefront of just transition for First Nations communities in BC.  


Mackenzie Walker, Tristan Walker, Gavin Anderson are the masterminds behind Step3Project, an apparel company with a mission to raise funds for sustainable energy projects at its core. One of Step3Project’s sustainable investment outcomes was a solar system for the Shames Mountain ski hill. With the support and engagement of Student Energy and community partners, this project showcased the power of individuals in our transition away from fossil fuels and the feasibility of small-scale regenerative energy models for remote communities in BC. Step3Project has also helped fund additional sustainable programs at Caledonia Greenhouse, Skeena Valley Golf Course and more!

Learn more about the clean energy project at Shames Mountain Ski Hill.
Explore the energy system with Student Energy, starting with energy sources all the way to the end uses of energy. The Energy System map includes an interactive map view, a searchable energy topics index view, and accompanying videos.
Student Energy empowers the next generation of leaders who are accelerating the transition to a sustainable, equitable energy future. Their Guided Projects provides youth with the tools, coaching and funding they need to solve the energy problems experienced in their communities using proven processes and technologies or by developing new ones.
A special 12-part series to support BC First Nations in their work to provide people healthy, affordable and energy efficient housing. The podcast was developed in 2021 by the Fraser Basin Council and SES Consulting.
Administered by BC Hydro, FortisBC and the Province of BC, provides rebates for improving your home’s energy efficiency through select upgrades.
Find information on how to assess and improve the energy performance of old and new homes. Learn about the government programs and incentives that help Canadians consume less energy and save money.
An industry association that advocates for cost-effective green electricity through the efficient & environmentally responsible development of BC’s renewable energy resources.
The leading platform in accelerating First Nations, Inuit, and Métis participation in clean energy projects from coast to coast to coast.
The Fraser Basin Council is working with First Nations communities and support organizations to reduce energy use, share success stories, and build local capacity and economic development.
a program to build capacity, knowledge and skills related to renewable energy in Indigenous communities in British Columbia.
Looking at resilient, smart, sustainable urban energy systems.
A first-of-its kind report from WWF and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) shows the potential risks and benefits of a rapid shift to renewable energy for people and nature.
Clean Energy Canada works to accelerate the country’s transition to a clean and renewable energy system by sharing the story of the global shift to clean and low-carbon energy sources.

ABOUT Canada's 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan

Inspiring Climate Action

We all want a liveable future—one where our communities, climate and ecosystems are healthy. But it’s hard to know how to contribute to this future or how our own individual actions can really make a difference.

Down to You podcast shares inspiring youth stories and replicable ideas of how individuals can reduce emissions—personally and in their communities. We’re traveling across B.C. to reveal narratives that underscore the transformative qualities of positive personal actions.

Discover the ways that young people and their families work towards climate solutions whether in a mountain village, coastal town or urban center with Brock Endean. This is a jargon-free, dynamic deep dive into ideas that are changing the world one step at a time, whether through waste and food systems, economic development, transportation, water protection and more.

Have your own inspiration and ideas? We want to hear from you about what you’re doing to support net zero solutions in your community or who’s inspiring your own actions.

About Us

Down to You podcast is the latest project of the Fraser Basin Council’s Youth Program. We believe in the power of transforming communities through positive actions. Our work revolves around supporting youth engagement in sustainability initiatives and building their capacity to take on leadership roles in their communities. We engage youth in communities across the province and we want to give our gratitude to the many Indigenous Nations of British Columbia for welcoming us on their unceded ancestral territories where we live and work.

We are thrilled  to bring you net-zero stories by youth from across BC as part of the Down to You podcast, hosted by Hollis Nelson and Alex Penney.

Meet the hosts

Hollis Nelson

Shared territory of musqueam squamish and tsleil-waututh

A hawk of some kind. I’d love to experience their perspective from high in the sky and with such amazing eyesight! They also experience exceptional hearing, with strong beaks and sharp talons that make them amazing hunters and foragers. And finally, the females are bigger than the males!

Thoughtful, creative, dedicated

We all have stories embedded in our being. Be patient, remain curious, hold space, and let the story tell itself.

My journey towards storytelling began in my childhood. I was homeschooled as a child and a lot of my upbringing involved art and make-believe. My dad always encouraged my dreams and my imaginations. For many years my dad and I would make books to give to people for the holiday season.
Together we would write and illustrate these stories as gifts for our loved ones. It was in this collaborative spirit that my storytelling journey began.

I would like to leave my listener with inspiration and hope, with vision and possibility, and with a firm belief in the coming of a better world.

Alex Penney

Squamish/Musqueam/Tsleil Waututh

Tiger. There may be more creative answers, but I would just love to feel what it is like to be a tiger. Agility, awareness and grace in a world of speed, sound and scent. And napsin the sun.

Exploring, Inquiring, Enjoying

Listening is my philosophy. Everyone has something interesting to share.

My introduction to storytelling was through books, family stories, and music. I went on to study Philosophy, where I was drawn to aphorisms and fiction as forms that struck a chord with me. My life eventually led me to music and art, where I now create pieces based on narrative, sometimes in a roundabout way. I tend to tell stories through recording, collecting and collaging. I remix memories from my journey – from people I meet and places I go – to form a story and express an idea.

I would like to share perspectives with others and create more understanding among people and the planet. Sharing stories inspires insight into where we come from, where we are, and where we might be going.

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